Pinning KDC IP addresses.

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Mon Feb 19 11:59:35 EST 2007

g.w at wrote:
> Normally I would ask for clarification on which idealistic dreams we
> have which are not represented by the realities of the marketplace.

The notion that NATs can be made to go away and that end-to-end
knowledge of IP address assignment and configuration can be restored
to the fabric of the network.  This is an idealistic dream.

> I'm thinking it was the arguement we made to a number of Open-Source
> 'experts' in the late 90's, also clearly rejected as without merit,
> that an open-source solution which tightly integrated authentication,
> authorization management and directory services needed to emerge if
> there was to be any hope for a credible OSS presence in enterprise
> middleware.

What I would recommend for you is to get yourself involved in the IETF.
You certainly have spent a lot of time developing your vision of how a
number of very hard problems should be solved.  This mailing list is
focused on MIT's implementation of standards that are developed
within the IETF.  The place to discuss the development of the standards
themselves is in the IETF.

Jeffrey Altman
Secure Endpoints Inc.

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