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On Feb 17,  1:57pm, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
} Subject: Re: Pinning KDC IP addresses.

Good morning to everyone.

> g.w at wrote:
> > Its all about choice Jeff, my choices may not meet your needs and vice
> > versa.  In a world of configuration files and LDAP directories it
> > doesn't seem like choice is something we need to preclude.

> With all due respect, your choices are idealistic dreams and do
> not represent the realities of the marketplace.  The dreamers have
> made these arguments for almost a decade in the IETF.  That doesn't
> effect what the manufacturers produce.

I guess that pretty much says everything.

Normally I would ask for clarification on which idealistic dreams we
have which are not represented by the realities of the marketplace.

I'm thinking it was the arguement we made to a number of Open-Source
'experts' in the late 90's, also clearly rejected as without merit,
that an open-source solution which tightly integrated authentication,
authorization management and directory services needed to emerge if
there was to be any hope for a credible OSS presence in enterprise

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Please accept our best wishes to Secure Endpoints, MIT and the IETF in
your mutual quest for engineering driven innovation.

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