The Removal of Colors (ticket 5607)

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Wed Aug 15 09:21:00 EDT 2007

Kevin Koch wrote:
> You are right that the bg_hdr_def isn't the same as bg_hdr.
> Isn't the right behavior to honor the windows color settings and set bg_hdr
> to GetSysColor(ColorWindow)?
This is the color of a header.  The color of the header should be
visually distinct from the color of the individual credential items that
fall under the header. 

I believe that your real concern with the previous behavior was that the
header color for the "Default Identity" was green and you would prefer
that green be used to indicate an identity that has valid credentials. 
When an identity has credentials that are nearing expiration or are
expired the header colors shift to yellow, orange and finally red.

I think the correct change is to in fact make the headers of identities
with valid credentials be displayed as green and the headers of those
that do not have any credentials be displayed as gray as they are now.

GetSysColor(COLOR_WINDOW) should only be used for the background of
individual credentials, not headers.
> Just curious, why is this is krbdev instead of kfwdev?
Because I sent it to the wrong list.  Migrating the discussion to kfwdev
with a follow-up.

Jeffrey Altman

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