Updated draft for kadmind plugin API

Henry B. Hotz hotz at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Apr 23 19:53:26 EDT 2007

On Apr 23, 2007, at 2:52 PM, Jeffrey Altman wrote:

> Henry B. Hotz wrote:
>> I dislike complicating an API with "trivial" overhead functions, like
>> special-purpose versions of free().  It's a forrest-for-trees, kind
>> of thing.  If we can't leave it as-is, can't we just declare that you
>> use the standard system malloc()/free() routines?
> You cannot assume that an application, a library, and a plug-in are  
> all
> using the same memory pool and C Runtime functions.  That is why it  
> is a
> requirement that we have special functions to release memory  
> allocations
> from within the module that performed the allocation in the first  
> place.

Mostly no argument, but we *do* have some choice in the matter.

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