Tests failing kdb5_util create apparently broken on the trunk

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Thu Oct 5 14:32:42 EDT 2006

Well, I still can't reproduce Sam's problem but I am able to  
reproduce a different problem, that's also shown up in the nightly  
testing.  The main dejagnu tests fail in the "des-v4" pass -- that  
is, the pass using a v4 (empty) salt string with passwords.

A bit of searching seems to suggest that it broke with the checkin of  
the Red Hat patch.  I've tested the sources from before and after  
that checkin.  Before, the des-v4 gssapi.exp tests worked; after,  
they fail with an "incorrect password" error in kadmin.  (Already  
reported to Sam, he's investigating.)

I'll keep poking a bit with valgrind and see what I can find.  (BTW,  
my first round of LDAP ASN.1 patches are in, fixing up the decoder.   
More coming later.)


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