Issues w/ timezones on gssftpd

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Mon Nov 27 15:18:18 EST 2006

Philip Prindeville wrote:
> Part of the issue is that (on Fedora, anyway) gssftpd gets installed by
> default if you select the krb5-workstation RPM (which is a requisite
> for a lot of other packages, as it turns out).
> I've filed a bug to get ftpd not be installed by default (but rather to
> put it into an optional bundling that must be selected explicitly).
> Are there other servers that are also not supported that a user would
> be better off replacing with an equivalent instead?
> -Philip

I don't know what is in the krb5-workstation RPM.  However, if I were
packaging things I would break it out into:

 * common libraries

 * kerberos clients (kinit, klist, kdestroy)

 * kerberos servers (krb5kdc, kadmind, krb524d, etc.)

 * and then some set of application clients and servers (rcmd, telnet,
   ftp, etc.)

Installing a kerberos client should not result in the installation of a
KDC nor should it install services that are not directly related.

Jeffrey Altman

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