Issues w/ timezones on gssftpd

Philip Prindeville philipp at
Sun Nov 26 15:24:28 EST 2006

Jeffrey Altman wrote:

>Philip Prindeville wrote:
>>Can someone please explain to me (offline if need be) why this request
>>didn't warrant a response?
>>That way, I won't waste your time again.
>A response from whom?
>There really isn't anyone that is maintaining the applications
>in the Kerberos distribution other than to ensure that they compile.
>The applications are still in the Kerberos distribution primarily
>as a means of ensuring that there is something to use to test the
>There are better distributions of Telnet, FTP, etc. that support
>Kerberos and are much more powerful from an administration perspective.
>The FTP daemon and client distributed with Kerberos don't even implement
>all of the FTP protocol commands related to date and time management
>let alone support time zone configuration, white lists, etc.
>If someone with cycles wants to start to maintain the applications
>I am sure the MIT Kerberos team would be happy to sign those individuals
>up to do so in a distribution separate from the Kerberos libraries.
>Jeffrey Altman
>Secure Endpoints Inc.

Part of the issue is that (on Fedora, anyway) gssftpd gets installed by
default if you select the krb5-workstation RPM (which is a requisite
for a lot of other packages, as it turns out).

I've filed a bug to get ftpd not be installed by default (but rather to
put it into an optional bundling that must be selected explicitly).

Are there other servers that are also not supported that a user would
be better off replacing with an equivalent instead?


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