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On Mar 23, 10:50pm, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
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> greg at wrote:
> > It may be but it does fail a direct correllation requirement.  If the
> > IP address is implemented in the payload the ad_data strategy also
> > allows pinning the audit trail to the KDC which issued the ticket.
> > 
> > It all comes down to whether or not it is sufficient to answer the
> > audit question with 'we think it might be' or 'it is'.
> > 
> > I have found that people concerned with audit trails can be
> > surprisingly pedantic in their assurance requirements.
> > 
> > Greg

> Which is why I recommended the items I suggested a couple of days
> ago including logging hashes of the tickets that are issued and
> received as part of the transactions.  I don't think we need a new
> identifier.

Its certainly your party.

The hashing approach would still seem to be problematic in the context
of a multi-KDC implementation.

In the near future any relevant Kerberos implementations are going to
be doing ad_data payloading.  In that scenario explicit correlation is

> Jeffrey Altman


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