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>   I think auth_time + principal_name can be used to link the TGT and
> service ticket issued by TGS. The same information can be used for
> auditing. Is this fine or is there a better way to link the TGT and
> service ticket issued by TGS?

Place a hook in the AS_REQ/TGS_REQ routines.  Define an ad_type to
hold a serial number which gets incremented for each AS_REQ and
returned in the TGT.  Look for the serial number in the TGT when
processing the TGS_REQ.

Bonus points for using a long long for the serial number and saving it
over restarts of the KDC.

To properly handle cross-realm the KDC's will need to cooperate.
Probably not a stretch of imagination if the KDC's are within the
context of a larger organization.  Extend the ad_data payload to
include the IP address of the KDC issueing the cross-realm ticket with
the serial number.

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>  Gokul.

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