LDAP schema and TL_DATA?

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On Mar 15,  5:46am, Sam Hartman wrote:
} Subject: Re: LDAP schema and TL_DATA?

Good day to everyone.

> I'd rather not block on this issue.  There is a real design question
> outstanding and I don't know how to resolve it.
> If someone proposes a better mechanism now and claims we need to
> block on this issue I'd be happy to consider doing so.

I've been thinking about the TL_DATA issue for about a year and a half
now.  Our plug-in architecture currently uses a self-defined TL_DATA
datatype for storing a master key encrypted copy of the raw user

I toyed with the idea of implementing a registration function in the
extensibility framework we developed which would allow a plug-in to
request an unused TL_DATA type specification.  This certainly fails
beyond the scope of a particular implementation/database.

I'm currently working on resolving architectural issues with bolting
NTLM support onto the MIT KDC though our plug-in architecture.  If
this proves popular the issue of our self-selected TL_DATA datatype
value becomes problematic.

MIT may want to consider 'registering' TL_DATA tagnames.  I wouldn't
care what the actual 'number' is as long as I can register a unique
name with the KDC and get a 'token' I can use to set a .tl_data_type
structure element.

Now is the time to fix this though.

A possible interim solution might be to 'officially' declare an
invariant KRB5_TL_TYPES value in src/include/krb5/kdb.h as a
placeholder.  The all singing/all dancing registration function can
use that as a known identity for tracking down TAGNAME/value
correspondence within the context of a given database.

> --Sam

Its not if KDC's are going to be extended but how.  Prudence dictates
resolving this sooner than later.


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