LDAP schema and TL_DATA?

Will Fiveash William.Fiveash at sun.com
Mon Mar 13 20:12:36 EST 2006

I've been looking at the new LDAP schema and plugin code and I am confused as
to how TL_DATA such as:

#define KRB5_TL_LAST_PWD_CHANGE         0x0001
#define KRB5_TL_MOD_PRINC               0x0002
#define KRB5_TL_KADM_DATA               0x0003
#define KRB5_TL_KADM5_E_DATA            0x0004
#define KRB5_TL_RB1_CHALLENGE           0x0005
#ifdef SECURID
#define KRB5_TL_SECURID_STATE           0x0006

is stored.  Specifically can someone describe which attribute in the
schema holds the KRB5_TL_LAST_PWD_CHANGE data?

Does the schema/plugin code allow for new TL_DATA types without change
to the backend plugin code?

Will Fiveash
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Austin, TX, USA (TZ=CST6CDT)

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