version numbering for kfw

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 9 15:27:14 EST 2006

>>>>> "jaltman" == Jeffrey Altman <jaltman at MIT.EDU> writes:

jaltman> For future releases I need to add an additional parameter to the
jaltman> patchlevel.h file:

jaltman> --- patchlevel.h Wed Mar  8 23:34:00 2006
jaltman> ***************
jaltman> *** 53,58 ****
jaltman> --- 53,59 ----
jaltman>   #define KRB5_MAJOR_RELEASE 1
jaltman>   #define KRB5_MINOR_RELEASE 4
jaltman>   #define KRB5_PATCHLEVEL 3
jaltman> + #define KRB5_BUILDLEVEL 1
jaltman>   #define KRB5_RELTAIL "postrelease"
jaltman>   /* #undef KRB5_RELDATE */
jaltman>   #define KRB5_RELTAG "krb5-1-4"

jaltman> Windows uses a dotted quad version number.  We've been hard coding the
jaltman> fourth value to 0 in the windows/version.rc file.   The problem is that
jaltman> when we issue betas and then final releases and now a second kfw release
jaltman> without a krb5 version number change, the installers don't know to
jaltman> update the files when applying the new version of the installer over
jaltman> the old version since the version number did not change.

jaltman> What we need to do is increment the KRB5_BUILDLEVEL for each release
jaltman> we make whether public or private.  That way the installers can do the
jaltman> right thing.

Would this be a value used only on Windows?  If so, how will it
interact with KRB5_RELTAIL, given that KfW typically builds from an
intermediate point on a release branch?


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