Proxy for Kerberos?

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> Tell me if this is inherently wrong-thinking...
> I want to access a kerberos server that is behind a firewall without
> exposing the kerberos port to the internet.  So I want to proxy it
> through a tunnel.  I am guessing that Kerberos may have some sort of
> built-in preventative measures within itself to prevent spoofing or
> something like that which would cause this not to work.  Is this
> true?   If not, is there any reason this wouldn't work?

I think you're asking for trouble trying to do this.

An argument I've made many times is that it's better to expose  
Kerberos itself than the service for a proprietary (unreviewed) VPN/ 
tunneling product.  The Kerberos protocol has gotten lots of review  
over the years.

The only way a tunnel might be better is if it uses e.g. a smart card  
instead of a password to authenticate users.
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