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Tue Jul 18 20:06:29 EDT 2006

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Bjoern JACKE wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm forwarding this to samba-technical, I think some 
> people there have good answers for this :-)
> On 2006-07-17 at 17:30 -0400 Sam Hartman sent off:
>>    b> decode_krb5_ap_req()
>> We do not wish to commit to a public ABI for this interface or for any
>> ASN.1 decoders.
>> Why does SAMBA need this?
>>    b> error_message()
>> This is public in -lcom_err
>>    b> krb5_set_default_tgs_ktypes()
>> Use krb5_set_default_tgs_enctypes
>>    b> initialize_krb5_error_table()
>> Don't call this; it has not been needed in years.
>>    b> krb5_locate_kdc()
>> We do not wish to commit to a stable ABI for 
>> this functionality.  It has changed in every major
>> release of Kerberos. What functionality does SAMBA
>> need from this interface?

I expect some of this is left over from the initial
support needed for either

(a) MIT krb5 1.2.x (note that we still have to do
    this for RHEL3), or
(b) supporting both Heimdal and MIT kerberos.

I'll look into cleaning it up soon and see what the
current requirements are.

cheers, jerry
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