query on "plug-in architecture"

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 17 17:33:24 EDT 2006

>>>>> "Vipin" == Vipin Rathor <v.rathor at gmail.com> writes:

    Vipin>  HI all,
    Vipin> Can anyone please answer one of the query regarding the following new
    Vipin> feature in MIT latest kerberos release namely krb5-1.5 :
    Vipin> "plug-in architecture, allowing for extension modules to be loaded at
    Vipin> run-time?"

    Vipin> What does the above feature really mean ? 

Mostly, internal support for adding extensibility plugins to MIT
Kerberos.  Two plugin interfaces are supported in 1.5.  The first is
an internal interface for adding new database layers.  There is a
plugin interface, but you need to have access to internal headers, so
any plugin built will be tightly coupled against a particular version
of MIT Kerberos.

The second is a plugin interface for locating the KDC to use.
This is a public interface.

    Vipin> Is it a pluggable architecture for
    Vipin> the new mech-glue so that we can plug-in/plug-out various securtiy mechanims
    Vipin> ( like kerberos, SPKm etc) , or is it something different?

This should be coming in 1.6.

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