krb5_get_server_rcache double free

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 6 16:55:08 EDT 2006

>>>>> "Rainer" == Rainer Weikusat <rainer.weikusat at> writes:

    Rainer> The krb5_rc_close routine should free rcache, according to
    Rainer> the documentation for this and I of course checked that it
    Rainer> does free rcache. The claim that

    Rainer> 	When krb5_rc_recover_or_initialize() returns failure,
    Rainer> rcache now leaks.

    Rainer> is therefore wrong and the only real effect of this chain
    Rainer> of conversation is restoring the never called free at the
    Rainer> end of the get_server_rcache routine.

    Rainer> <URL:>

Thanks for pointing out the mistake.  We appreciate your contributions
and are going to update the ticket to correct the factual error.

    Rainer> Publishing factually incorrect statements about other
    Rainer> people on the WWW is not so nice.

Agreed.  However we're all human around here and we make mistakes.  I
wish I could say it will not happen again, but it probably will.  No
harm is meant to you.  Even if you had made a mistake and introduced a
memory leak, that wouldn't be a big deal either: humans make those
kind of mistakestoo.

we're happy to append notes to bugs when we make factual errors; you
can also respond and append corrections yourself.

Thanks for your interest in contributing and thanks for pointing out the error.

Sam Hartman
Manager, MIT Kerberos Team

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