Error while compiling krb 1.5

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Wed Jul 5 13:35:08 EDT 2006

I made a comment that the same occurs under FreeBSD but it didn't show up 

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> Not really intending to stick my nose in, but I think this may be interesting
>  food to ponder...
> No one has stated which version of what OS is involved here, other than Shiva
> keshav's comment about using Solaris, but it may be worthwhile reading this S
> un blog entry about static linking going away starting with Solaris 10. Rod E
> vans has a good explanation of what is happening, and why:
> This, of course, doesn't address other OSes--or older versions of Solaris--di
> rectly, but I hope this is a worthwhile addition to the discussion.
> Rainer Heilke
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> > >That is something we'd like to clean up, though it hasn't been high  
> > >on our priority list, because so far as we're aware it's not urgent  
> > >for most other people either; we expect the most popular and most  
> > >important use cases by far to involve deploying shared libraries  
> > >only.  (We could be wrong.  But so far I think this is only the  
> > >second complaint we've heard since putting out the pre-1.5 test  
> > >releases.)
> > 
> > Have I complained yet?  I don't think I have, because I haven't been
> > playing around with 1.5.  But anyway, I have a group of systems where
> > static libraries are a requirement (basically because we have users
> > download a precompiled set of binaries, and requiring the 
> > users to have
> > to somehow set up shared libraries would be a non-starter).
> > 
> > It does sound like it's a fixable problem, though.  Something 
> > to keep in
> > the back of my mind when I go to 1.5.
> > 
> > --Ken
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