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FWIW I recently submitted a bug to Apple (cc'ing our salesman) about  
the /etc/authorization stuff not being updated for Tiger even after  
all this time.  Only word is the salesman promising to bring it to  
the right people's attention.

Experimentally, what I see is that you can substitute a krb5  
mechanism in system.login.console, but not if a couple of unrelated  
entries are present (like an xcode one, and an adhoc Airport network  
one).  "builtin:krb5authnoverify" seems to work now, but login and  
user-switch is very slow if the network is missing/slow.

I can't get any k5 mechanism to work in system.login.done as I would  
prefer.  That would appear to be the right approach for a laptop.

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> Sam Hartman <hartmans at MIT.EDU> writes:
>> So, I think in a perfect Mac world, you'd pick up a directory  
>> attribute
>> that told the system to use Kerberos.  However this doesn't quite  
>> work
>> the way it should (although the tiger behavior is better than  
>> panther).
> Oh, hm.  Interesting.
>> In general though I'd recommend that feature requests/discussions  
>> like
>> this go to Apple possibly in addition to copying us.  But if Apple
>> doesn't here about the requirements from users, they will not  
>> dedicate
>> resources.
> Okay, will do.  Thanks!
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