where can I get a keytab file with version KRB5_KT_VNO_1?

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 26 18:33:54 EST 2006

>>>>> "Weijun" == Weijun Max Wang <Weijun.Wang at Sun.COM> writes:

    Weijun> Hi, I'm a member of the Sun JDK Security team. We are now
    Weijun> writing tests for Kerberos 5 KeyTab support. We already
    Weijun> have codes that recognize version 0x501 style keytab files
    Weijun> but it seems the current version of MIT krb5 can only
    Weijun> generate 0x502 keytab files. Am I right?

Hi.  It has taken a while to respond to your message because the
0x501-style keytab file predates anyone here currently working on

I don't think any released version of MIT Kerberos has ever generated
these files.  I believe that some alpha releases(before 1.0) did
generate these files and DCE 1.0 used them.

I don't think we have a good way to generate 0x501 keytabs.  I wonder
whether anyone is still using them at all.


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