MSFT KDC renew behaviour

Jeffrey Hutzelman jhutz at
Mon Jan 9 19:05:16 EST 2006

On Monday, January 09, 2006 09:11:19 AM -0800 Paul Moore 
<paul.moore at> wrote:

> I was assuming that this list was the repository of the correct
> interpretation of RFC1510. Can you please direct me to which list is

That would be the IETF Kerberos Working Group mailing list,
ietf-krb-wg at  While your question about interpretation of the spec 
is no-topic there, discussion as to whether any particular implementation 
is compliant are generally not; if you come to the conclusion that the 
Windows KDC is buggy, your best course of action is to file a bug with 

Also, you should note that RFC1510 contains a number of errors and 
vaguenesses which makes it not always the best reference for correct 
behavior.  A better source is the updated specification in RFC4120.

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