compiling Kerberos using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Fri Aug 18 19:53:52 EDT 2006

sam sharma wrote:
> Hi
> I tried Kerberos 1.4.x or 1.5.x compilation using MS Visual Studio 2005 (32
> bit). The compilation process gives lots of warnings, but compiles fine. I
> wrote about Kerberos and VC 2005 earlier, I got reply from Kerberos
> development that VC 2005 will be supported in future release. I would like
> to know whether VC 2005 is supported in latest Kerberos code.

The supported compiler is VS.NET 2003 although the 1.5 tree will compile
under VS.NET 2005.  I've built KFW for 64-bit Windows using VS2005.

You should be compiling using the KFW 3.1 Beta 1 Source Package.

> When I try to execute any of Kerberos executable i.e. klist.exe, kinit.exe
> etc; the executable does not work at all. I do not get any message in Event
> Viewer also.

Messages are not normally written to the Event Log.  Since you built the
application with a tool that includes a debugger, have you tried
executing it under the debugger?  Have you checked your binaries with
depends to see if you have all of the libraries installed?  If you
compiled with the VS2005 debug version of the C runtime libraries you
must be aware that they are not installed on your system by default.

> It is clearly mentioned in README file that Kerberos code does not compile
> on MS Visual Studio 2005. I have the Visual Studio 2005, and VC 6. I could
> not find the 'November 2001 platform SDK' download from Microsoft Website to
> compile Kerberos with VC 6.

You will need the XP SP2 or 2003 SP1 SDK.

See the readme file for KFW 3.1 Beta 1.

Jeffrey Altman
Secure Endpoints Inc.
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