compiling Kerberos using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

sam sharma sam.sharma at
Thu Aug 17 14:44:44 EDT 2006



I tried Kerberos 1.4.x or 1.5.x compilation using MS Visual Studio 2005 (32
bit). The compilation process gives lots of warnings, but compiles fine. I
wrote about Kerberos and VC 2005 earlier, I got reply from Kerberos
development that VC 2005 will be supported in future release. I would like
to know whether VC 2005 is supported in latest Kerberos code.


When I try to execute any of Kerberos executable i.e. klist.exe, kinit.exe
etc; the executable does not work at all. I do not get any message in Event
Viewer also.


It is clearly mentioned in README file that Kerberos code does not compile
on MS Visual Studio 2005. I have the Visual Studio 2005, and VC 6. I could
not find the 'November 2001 platform SDK' download from Microsoft Website to
compile Kerberos with VC 6.




Kerberos 5 builds on Windows with MSVC++ 6.0, MSVS.NET, and 

MSVS.NET 2003.  You will need the November 2001 platform SDK or 

later; this SDK is required to define getaddrinfo.  It may or 

may not build with other compilers or make utilities.






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