Doing away with changelogs

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Wed Apr 12 13:31:05 EDT 2006

>Do you find insufficient?

Maybe I'm an idiot ... but I looked at that, and it's _nowhere_ near
what I was looking for in terms of a ChangeLog.  I'm interested in
"What has changed since date X, or release X" ... and I can't see a way
to do that using that interface.  If there is a way, I'd be interested
in knowing what it is.

>In our group meeting there seemed to be general belief that including
>a changelog would not be necessary if we included pointers to

One thing that means is that to be useful in the future, you'd need to
run a subversion server for forever.  I would personally prefer
everything I need in a package to be included in the package (I
understand that's not reasonable for third-party packages that a
software package depends on, but I don't think this qualifies).


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