Release delay for SPNEGO

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Sat Apr 8 12:34:57 EDT 2006

This message is targeted mostly at people with whom we have discussed
release timelines.

MIT has received a strong request to divert resources to make sure
that we have a full RFC 4178 (SPNEGO) implementation and that this has
been tested against Windows Vista very soon.  Doing so will increase
the probability that Vista has an interoperable SPNEGO implementation.

MIT believes this is very important.  SPNEGO interoperability and
security is critical to all of our long-term plans.

As such, MIT is seriously considering diverting engineering resources
to this task.  This will probably involve a delay in our 1.5 release
by somewhere between a month an a month and a half.

MIT understands that even if we delay our release several people would
like to see the integration work we're doing going on uniterrupted.
In particular, no resources are being diverted from the LDAP

Please indicate any strong objections to this plan.



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