kadm5_get_principal return code

SFBZH@aol.com SFBZH at aol.com
Thu Sep 8 04:39:29 EDT 2005

I'm using kadm5_get_principal to get a service key_data. According to the kerberos admin api doc (http://cryptnet.net/mirrors/docs/krb5adm_api.html), kadm5_get_principal can return KADM5_UNK_PRINC or KADM5_BAD_MASK. When I call it, it returns 1.
I have searched KADM5_UNK_PRINC & KADM5_BAD_MASK in all the source files of the release. I have not found where they are declared. The only header file containing them is admin.h where they are used but not declared. Of course, they are not declared in my project so I can't compare the return code with those values.
Where can I find the declaration of kadm5_get_principal return codes?

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