Why weak referencing pthread_equal() in k5-thread.h?

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Tue May 31 23:13:24 EDT 2005

>> If you're using netbsd-current and they've added a stub for
>> pthread_once to libc, I think that would explain the problem, and I'd
>> need to know the name of a function in libpthread that they didn't add
>> a stub for.  I could use pthread_equal, or pthread_join, or ....
> On NetBSD 2.0, there is no pthread_*() stubs in libc.  If we want to
> write a library which can be linked without libpthread, we need to
> include <threadlib.h> and use thr_once(), mutex_lock(), etc.
> (or use some magic like weak reference by the library itself).
> Recent NetBSD-current (and not-yet-released 3.0) have pthread stubs
> and don't have <threadlib.h> any more.

Hi.  Could you please try out the attached patch and let me know if it 
fixes the problem?  (The patch is relative to the 1.4 branch, I can 
send a patch based on the trunk if you prefer.)

It's probably overkill -- if a pthread_mutex_lock stub exists and does 
nothing, it's probably fine to use it, but this patch will avoid it -- 
but I'd rather get something right now and optimized later...


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