Where to send OS X krb5 bugs?

Matt Crawford crawdad at fnal.gov
Fri Mar 25 10:04:36 EST 2005

I submitted a bug in OS X's kinit to the Apple Bug Reporter a couple of 
weeks ago.  (It's Problem ID:  4034307)  It's still in state "Analyze". 
  Should it have gone to the MIT bug tracking system instead (or in 

(This is 10.3.8)

03-Mar-2005 09:49 AM Matt Crawford:
   kinit always requests a Proxiable ticket.  Use of -p or -P flags 
causes other effects.

Steps to reproduce:
   kinit -A -f -p ; klist -f
   kinit -A -f -P ; klist -f
   kinit -A -F -p ; klist -f
   kinit -A -F -P ; klist -f

Expected results:
   The flags shown by klist -f should be FPRIA, FRIA, PRIA, RIA, 

Actual results:
   The flags shown by klist -f are FPRIA, PRIA, FPRIA, PRIA, 

When the principal is subject to a DISALLOW_PROXIABLE policy (as all of 
our /admin principals are), the principal cannot get any ticket.

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