Sample code for Windows GSS-API

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Thu Jan 27 17:24:04 EST 2005

You can find my updated GSS SSPI sample code at

If you would like to hire a consultant, let me know.

Jeffrey Altman

Taylor, Mike @Cimage wrote:

> According to the README with MIT Kerberos:
> "The GSS API Sample Client provided in this distribution is compatible
> with the gss-server application built on Unix/Linux systems.  This
> client is not compatible with the Platform
> SDK/Samples/Security/SSPI/GSS/ samples which Microsoft has been shipping
> as of January 2004.  Revised versions of these samples are available
> upon request to krbdev at  Microsoft is committed to distribute
> revised samples which are compatible with the MIT distributed tools in a
> future SDK and via MSDN".
> We have been struggling to add a "single sign on" capability to our
> client-server code, using gss-api. The first step was the obvious on of
> trying the samples provided. So far, we cannot get them to work, apart
> from Unix to Unix (validating against Windows Active Directory). This
> includes using the pre-built gss-server.exe and gss-client.exe / gss.exe
> "out of the box" that comes with "Kerberos for Windows 2.6.5". Any
> chance of some help? Thanks in advance.
> Mike Taylor
> Cimage NovaSoft Ltd.
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