Sample code for Windows GSS-API

Taylor, Mike @Cimage miket at
Wed Jan 26 11:12:20 EST 2005

According to the README with MIT Kerberos:
"The GSS API Sample Client provided in this distribution is compatible
with the gss-server application built on Unix/Linux systems.  This
client is not compatible with the Platform
SDK/Samples/Security/SSPI/GSS/ samples which Microsoft has been shipping
as of January 2004.  Revised versions of these samples are available
upon request to krbdev at  Microsoft is committed to distribute
revised samples which are compatible with the MIT distributed tools in a
future SDK and via MSDN".
We have been struggling to add a "single sign on" capability to our
client-server code, using gss-api. The first step was the obvious on of
trying the samples provided. So far, we cannot get them to work, apart
from Unix to Unix (validating against Windows Active Directory). This
includes using the pre-built gss-server.exe and gss-client.exe / gss.exe
"out of the box" that comes with "Kerberos for Windows 2.6.5". Any
chance of some help? Thanks in advance.
Mike Taylor
Cimage NovaSoft Ltd.

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