building krb5-1.4 on hpux and solaris with native compilers

Arlene Berry aberry0364 at
Mon Feb 14 12:56:07 EST 2005

I have tried building krb5-1.4 on several versions of both hpux and solaris. 
  I ran into a number of issues some of which I was able to circumvent and 
some I was not.  All I really wanted to do was a simple "configure 
--enable-static" and make using native tools.  None of the versions of 
solaris and hpux I tried worked out of the box.  Here are all of the issues 
I ran into:

1.  On solaris 9 and older versions, the configure worked but the make 
failed quickly because it tried to run autoconf which is not installed.  I 
tracked down the cause and it was a "#" character in the dependency rule for 
configure.  This was due to "@MAINT@" in config/  MAINT was set to 
"#" because maintainer mode was disabled.  I tried --enable-maintainer-mode 
and got past this error but then make wanted to run autoheader.  At this 
point I reverted to no maintainer mode and removed the "@MAINT@" from 
config/  I'm not sure how this should be fixed permanently.

2.  Solaris prior to version 8 does not support the linker options "-z 
initarray" and "-z finiarray" but these options are set for all versions of 
solaris in config/shlib.conf.  I tried removing them and then ran into issue 

3.  On solaris I'm getting multiple warnings of the form: 
/opt/SUNWspro/bin/../SC4.0/bin/fbe: "/tmp/yabeAAAIdaymB", line 2137: 
warning: label in delay slot (follows CTI).  Fbe is the assembler component 
of the compiler.  I have no idea what this means, what's causing this, or 
where to start looking.  I am using an older compiler but I have never seen 
this warning before.  Any help would be appreciated.

4.  On multiple versions of hpux and older versions of solaris I got:  
"k5-platform.h", line 261: error 4062: "Don't know how to do load-time 
initializers for this configuration."  This looked like it was related to 
the dynamic library initialization and that --disable-delayed-initialization 
might have some effect.  It didn't.  I have tried various things and none of 
them seemed to do anything.  Does anyone how to get around this?

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