krb5_init_ets() and 1.4 ABI

Tim Mooney mooney at
Thu Feb 10 14:22:11 EST 2005

I recently upgraded from krb5 1.2.8 + patches to krb5 1.4.

Most of the shared libraries are still advertising the exact same ABI and
soname as they were under 1.2.8, even though krb5_init_ets() is no longer
part of the public API.

I realize that krb5_init_ets() doesn't need to be called by applications
any longer and that it's no longer part of the public API, but shouldn't
the ABI versions have been bumped on the relevant shared libraries, to
indicate that they're not *really* compatible with the shared libraries
from e.g. 1.2.x?

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