krb5-config and static vs shared

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Sat Dec 3 01:47:04 EST 2005

On first reading, my thought is, "Duh!  I wanted to fix some of that  
crap a long time ago!"  We can't even build our own programs without  
excessive dependencies, let alone tell anyone else how to build theirs.

Steve does have the advantage that he's dealing with Linux, and the  
tools are under more unified and somewhat reasonable control.  Add  
systems into the mix where the linker does -- at least sometimes --  
insist that you list some of the indirectly-needed shared libraries.   
Add developers who want library stuff done in makefiles rather than  
with helper scripts that might actually allow for non-trivial control  
flows.  Then you've got something more like Kerberos development.


Yeah, for a good start, we could try to change krb5-config to do  
something more reasonable.  But it'll definitely get more  
complicated, and probably system-dependent.

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