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Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Mon Aug 29 16:34:37 EDT 2005

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>>* Anonymous repository access.  We have a server ready and have a web
>>  frontend but are having a bit of a problem getting data from the
>>  main repository to the anonymous repository.  This should be resolved within a day or so.
> My understanding (but I'll need to check with our SVN gurus) is that the
> samba anonymous system uses a patch export and application process.  Ie,
> if the same patches are applied in the same order, then you must get the
> same repository (which beat the previous solution of 'rsync the db').

we are currently using, rsync and the fsfs backend of svn,
that work quite well. but if you're using the bdb backend rsync is a bad idea,
then using patch forwarding would be the best.

we also use a chroot wrapper for svnserve anonymous access,
if you want we can share the code for it.

also it would be very cool to have a link the changeset in the webinterface
in the commit email, otherwise teh commit-messages are very useless for external people.

if you also want I'm sure we could also give you our viewcvs changes to support changesets
in the webinterface, (only if you want to use viewcvs at all:-)

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