Problem with Kerb 1.4.0 on Solaris 7

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Mon Apr 18 16:28:12 EDT 2005

>>>>> "dbecker" == Derek Chen-Becker <dbecker at> writes:

dbecker> I was wondering if there's a publicly viewable bug database
dbecker> for kerberos.

is our public bug database.

dbecker> I've tried searching the website, but I can't find one. I
dbecker> think I'm having an issue with Solaris 7 and the new
dbecker> threading in 1.4.0:

dbecker> bash-2.03$ /usr/local/sbin/kadmin.local
dbecker> krb5_libinit.c:60: failed assertion `k5int_i->did_run != 0'
dbecker> Abort (core dumped)
dbecker> bash-2.03$

Try configuring using "--disable-thread-support --disable-shared".
Unfortunately, 1.4.0 still does some library intialization stuff when
shared libraries are built but thread support is disabled.  Make sure
you either "make distclean" or start with a fresh extract before you


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