Switching to Subversion

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Apr 6 12:58:09 EDT 2005

>>>>> "Samuel" == Samuel Degrande <Samuel.Degrande at lifl.fr> writes:

    Samuel> Sam Hartman wrote:
    >> The MIT Kerberos team is contemplating a transition in source
    >> control systems from CVS to Subversion.  Subversion has several
    >> features that will be attractive to our development process: *
    >> Atomic change sets.  You can commit a group of files across the
    >> tree in one operation and can easily look at the log for an
    >> operation.  For example operations like "what all has changed
    >> in the KDC in the last two months," are much easier than with
    >> CVS.  Our use of ChangeLogs makes this better than it could be
    >> with CVS but Subversion will still be an improvement.  *
    >> Ability to rename and delete files and directories.  IN
    >> addition subversion frontends like svk provide support for
    >> offline development and better merging as well as third-party
    >> branches.  The major down side of this change is that the
    >> community will need to use Subversion rather than CVS to access
    >> our development sources.  It will be a new tool to learn,
    >> potentially a new port to open in the firewall.

    Samuel> There's no need to open a new port IF you use HTTP to
    Samuel> transport SVN requests. SVN clients can use WebDAV to
    Samuel> access the repository.  So if you have access to the
    Samuel> Internet, you have access to SVN repositories configured
    Samuel> to use HTTP

O, yeah, forgot to mention that we're all security paranoids here, and
the idea of apache2+mod_svn scares us.  I don't think we will be
directly offering http access to the repository.  A copy (possibly the
primary copy) might end up in afs and so anyone who wanted to could
offer dav access.

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