Switching to Subversion

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Apr 6 11:42:22 EDT 2005

The MIT Kerberos team is contemplating a transition in source control
systems from CVS to Subversion.  Subversion has several features that
will be attractive to our development process:

* Atomic change sets.  You can commit a group of files across the tree
  in one operation and can easily look at the log for an operation.
  For example operations like "what all has changed in the KDC in the
  last two months," are much easier than with CVS.  Our use of
  ChangeLogs makes this better than it could be with CVS but
  Subversion will still be an improvement.

* Ability to rename and delete files and directories.

IN addition subversion frontends like svk provide support for offline
development and better merging as well as third-party branches.

The major down side of this change is that the community will need to
use Subversion rather than CVS to access our development sources.  It
will be a new tool to learn, potentially a new port to open in the

We're seeking comments from the community on this possible transition.

Sam Hartman
MIT Information Services and Technology

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