Build problem krb5-1.3.5 gcc 3.4.2 glibc-2.3.4

Sonny Taberman sonny at
Fri Oct 29 05:23:46 EDT 2004


I'm trying to install krb5-1.3.5 on my homemade linuxsystem.
It's a linuxfromscratch system based on kernel- and 
Using Gcc 3.4.2.
My setup is:
./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc  \
--localstatedir=/var/lib --enable-dns \
--enable-shared --mandir=/usr/share/man
As far as I can tell everything is ok so far.
But when I do "make" I get this errors.

prof_tree.c: In function `profile_verify_node':
prof_tree.c:128: error: "PROF_SECTION_WITH_VALUE" undeclared
prof_tree.c:139: error: "PROF_BAD_PARENT_PTR" undeclared
prof_tree.c: In function `profile_add_node':
prof_tree.c:162: error: "PROF_ADD_NOT_SECTION" undeclared
prof_tree.c: In function `profile_set_relation_value':
prof_tree.c:617: error: "PROF_SET_SECTION_VALUE" undeclared

I guess I miss som package but what?

Any ideas anyone ?

Yes I have tried google and maillist archives but no luck.


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