Delegation sample code

Juan Ignacio Banquetero Soto juanibs at
Tue Oct 26 06:32:09 EDT 2004

Since I can´t find any document or sample code which explains how develop delegation of authetication, can anyboydy tell me what must I do in order to get a ticket on behalf of the client. 

Let me show you the scenario: A server (B) receives an KRB_AP_REQ from a client, but he (B) must to get a new ticket for another server (C) on behalf of the client. The question is very simple: I need to know what MIT API method do I need to call in order to get a new credential for client-server (C). 

Could be krb5_get_credentials the answer? If true, how do you say you want a credential on behalf of the client? It's very important.

Thanks in advance

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