Final call for changes in 1.4

Derrick Schommer dschommer at
Mon Oct 18 16:59:45 EDT 2004

2725: memory leak in mk_req_extended() due to an overwrite of the auth.
   - I have a work around, but the fix seems trivial, no?

2727: Memory leak in krb5_cc_resolve (double malloc of pfx)
   - This is causing me grief because it's fragmenting the hell out of
memory in my environment (little 8 byte memory leaks make it hard to get
new memory).  I have no work around as the leak is internal to the call
(not any part of the context structures).  Also seems to be trivial and
would not cause any huge regressions.



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Subject: Final call for changes in 1.4

Hi.  We are quickly approaching branch cut for the 1.4 release of
Kerberos.  If there are changes you are depending on for the 1.4
release, they should be in our bug system with a target_version of

If there are issues you want us to consider marking for 1.4 that are
not currently marked for 1.4, please discuss here.


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