Build error with 1.3.5

Darren Reed (OSE) darrenr at
Fri Oct 1 03:40:33 EDT 2004

When building 1.3.5 (with U.Mich replication patches) on Solaris8...

./configure --enable-replication --enable-umich --enable-kdc-replay-cache --enable-shared

...I got stopped here:

_LONG=4 -DHAVE_REGCOMP=1  -I../../include -I./../../include  -I../../include/krb
5 -I./../../include/krb5 -I./../crypto/des -I./../../include/kerberosIV   -g -O2
 -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wcast-qual  -Wcast-align -Wconversion -Wshadow -Wno
-comment -pedantic -c cksum.c
In file included from cksum.c:41:
des.h:39: redefinition of `des_cblock'
../../include/kerberosIV/des.h:68: `des_cblock' previously declared here
des.h:42: redefinition of `des_key_schedule'
../../include/kerberosIV/des.h:87: `des_key_schedule' previously declared here
des.h:72: syntax error before "int"
des.h:76: syntax error before "int"
des.h:77: syntax error before "int"
des.h:79: syntax error before "void"
des.h:82: syntax error before "int"
des.h:83: syntax error before "unsigned"
des.h:86: syntax error before "int"
cksum.c:60: warning: no previous prototype for `des_cbc_cksum'
cksum.c:60: conflicting types for `des_cbc_cksum'
des.h:71: previous declaration of `des_cbc_cksum'
*** Error code 1

Renaming des.h in the des425 directory to des425.h got rid of the compile error by putting the conflicting file out of harm's way,
but I'm not completely happy that this is the right solution.

Has anyone else run into this?  Similar fix or..?


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