krb5_rd_cred() ?

Jason Gerfen jason.gerfen at
Tue Nov 30 10:55:48 EST 2004

Yeah well that allows me to call the function.  I think I need to 
rephrase the question, I am not sure where I am to get the data to pass 
in as arguments.  More specificly the authcontext, data & ppinputcreds 
arguments.  I am assuming that the ppinput creds is going to be my creds 
structure so that is pretty clear.  I am still lost on where to obtain 
my authcontext & data arguments.  Any help with this those two items is 

Derrick Schommer wrote:

>Yes, that call uses the "ever popular" triple pointer syndrome.
>Try this:
>krb5_creds **ppInputCreds;
>krb5_data    data;
>krb5_rd_cred( context, authContext, &data, &ppInputCreds, NULL );
>And the cleanup call that will free up your triple pointer nightmare:
>krb5_free_tgt_creds( context, ppInputCreds);
>Not sure if that "free_tgt_creds()" is the call you want, but it cleans
>the triple pointer mess.  I used rd_cred in order to get the tgt from
>the creds structure so it was what I needed (and since it cleaned triple
>pointers the key and lock seemed to fit together).
>Hope that helps..
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>Subject: krb5_rd_cred() ?
>I have been looking for the correct function to call when doing a 
>KRB5KRB_AP_ERR_SKEW check.  As of yet I believe the krb5_rd_cred() 
>function is what I am looking for.  However I have found several 
>security warnings with the use of this function. Also I have no idea 
>what arguments to pass this call for it to work correctly.  According to
>some documentation I have it as the following:
>krb5_rd_cred( krb5_context context,
>                        krb5_auth_context auth_context,    // What is 
>this, where would I gather this from?
>                        krb5_data *precreddata,                 // Not 
>sure where I would get this data from either...
>                        krb5_creds ***pppcreds,                 // the 
>same here
>                        krb5_replay_data *outdata );          // and
>The documentation I have found is not clear on where I would get the 
>data to pass to this function as arguments.  Any help would be greatly 

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