Can I get any design documents?

Venu Satuluri venusatuluri at
Tue Nov 23 05:38:01 EST 2004

Actually I wanted documents which could explain the internal
organisation of the kerberos code. i.e. we are not making applications
which make use of kerberos but are changing kerberos itself.

The 3rd link was a new one and seems to be the most comprehensive for
API. Thanks nevertheless.


On Mon, 22 Nov 2004 10:50:46 -0700, Jason Gerfen
<jason.gerfen at> wrote:
> Venu Satuluri wrote:
> >We are doing a project which involves making some changes to the
> >kerberos code.. We are having a hard time understanding the data flow
> >and the design of the software.. There dont seem to be any docs which
> >explain this.. Can someone tell us where we can find such docs?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Venu
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> If you are talking about a document in which to use the Kerberos
> functions I have a couple... as far as documentation on how to use those
> functions there are very little.  I have been doing a bit of research
> and development on an application using the Kerberos libs and you are
> right there are slim pickings for how to use them.  Hope these help...
>  [
> Chapter 6 - has good docs on each Kerb. funcs. ]
> As for using the functions:
> Initialize the krb5 context (used as a handle when accessing various
> krb5 functions)
> Read the config using the krb5_get_* config functions and store them in
> a struct
> Create your principal using the krb5_parse_name functions
> Check for username & password using the krb5_get_init_creds_password
> function
> If user is valid create your ticket, this is where I am at so if you
> figure this out before me let me know... =)
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