Can I get any design documents?

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Mon Nov 22 12:50:46 EST 2004

Venu Satuluri wrote:

>We are doing a project which involves making some changes to the
>kerberos code.. We are having a hard time understanding the data flow
>and the design of the software.. There dont seem to be any docs which
>explain this.. Can someone tell us where we can find such docs?
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If you are talking about a document in which to use the Kerberos 
functions I have a couple... as far as documentation on how to use those 
functions there are very little.  I have been doing a bit of research 
and development on an application using the Kerberos libs and you are 
right there are slim pickings for how to use them.  Hope these help...  [ 
Chapter 6 - has good docs on each Kerb. funcs. ]

As for using the functions:
Initialize the krb5 context (used as a handle when accessing various 
krb5 functions)
Read the config using the krb5_get_* config functions and store them in 
a struct
Create your principal using the krb5_parse_name functions
Check for username & password using the krb5_get_init_creds_password 
If user is valid create your ticket, this is where I am at so if you 
figure this out before me let me know... =)

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