Internal API WAS: Compile error on k5-int.h with g++

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Sun May 30 15:43:59 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Jay" == Jay Camp <jayc at> writes:

    Jay> I'm using this project as an exercise to sharpen my skills,
    Jay> but I was also hoping to develop a GUI to compliment kadmin.
    Jay> Will changes ya'll do make this too much of a "cat and mouse"
    Jay> game so to speak when it comes to updates?  From what I've
    Jay> seen, it's a rather small API (mostly in shared library,
    Jay> that kadmin uses so I can't imagine it
    Jay> changing that much, or very often (just using my hunch here,
    Jay> please correct me if I'm wrong).

IT hasn't changed much in the past.  But that's not part of our public
API; we are not making any guarantees of compatibility and will not be
bothered if changes we make break your application.

This is not done because we'd like to discourage you from making a GUI
to kadmin; we believe such GUIs are needed.  The problem is that we
don't feel that parts of k5-int.h are well designed enough to be

One thing you could do if you are worried about API stability is look
at isolating the kadmin API from k5-int.h.  Find out what parts of
k5-int.h would need to become public for the kadmin API to be stable
and discuss whether that would be a good idea here.

Otherwise you can go on with your current plans.  So far, not much in
that space has changed much.

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