"time out of bounds 20037"

Steven Stoll steven.stoll at yale.edu
Fri Mar 19 08:19:27 EST 2004

To whom it may concern among Kerberos experts.

I receive this message "time out of bounds" when I try to connect to 
the Yale University network with Fetch.  The time on my computer is 
correct, yet this still occures.

I am running Mac 10.2
I have DSL at home and sometimes connect via VPN.  When I try to use 
Fetch with VPN I am told "ADAT...Can't decode authenticator."  Can 
you help?

Steven Stoll
Steven Stoll

Associate Professor

Yale University

P.O. Box 208324

New Haven, CT


v: 203.432.0728

f: 203.432.9927


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