Proposal to export gssapi context

Douglas E. Engert deengert at
Wed Mar 10 13:30:08 EST 2004

Nicolas Williams wrote:

> We should figure out whether there's enough interest in or work for such
> a WG, work on a charter, search for a chair and all that before we dive
> into specific proposals' technical details.

There was a lot of interest a few years ago, but the CAT group was winding
down and there was not much interest from the core IETF. So the  Global Grid Forum 
went off and defined a gss extensions document.  Many of the members of the GGF
are also regularly attendees of the IETF. 

This situation of one standards body extending the standards of another
because the first was not willing to work on it, has been very disappointing. 
In any attempt to get the IETF interested, I submitted the GGF document
to the IETF as:

I would like to see the two bodies work together on this. I am cc'ing
Brian Carpenter on this, as he is the IETF liaison to the GGF.

> Nico
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