Proposal to export gssapi context

Douglas E. Engert deengert at
Wed Mar 10 09:30:41 EST 2004

Are you proposing that at the 60th IETF we get the CAT group going again
to address GSSAPI deffeciencies? I think that would be a great idea!

(I am cc'ing the old cat list to see if it is still active, and see who else
might be interested.)

Nicolas Williams wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 06:00:42PM -0500, Kevin Coffman wrote:
> > Brought to krbdev...
> >
> > The kernel implementation of rpcsec_gss used for NFSv4 requires context
> > information be negotiated in user-land and then passed down for use in the
> > kernel.  gss_export_context() exports the context as an opaque object which
> > cannot be used for this purpose.  We are proposing three new APIs.  One is
> > to restrict the encryption types negotiated in user-land to the set that the
> > kernel can use.  The other two are to export context information into a
> > usable structure, and then free that structure.
> >
> > Comments, suggestions, welcome.
> I've several comments:
>  - With the Kerberos V mechanism you can control what enctypes are to be
>    used by controlling what enctypes the nfs/* service principals have.
>    Ergo you don't need krb5_gss_set_allowable_enctypes().
>    Just limit your nfs principals' enctypes.
>  - Your krb5_gss_set_allowable_enctypes() proposal is
>    mechanism-specific, and not necessary to boot (see previous point).
>  - The GSS-API should have had a way to specify what QoPs are desired at
>    context init time.  It doesn't.  Help us fix this at the 60th IETF :)
>  - The GSS-API should have had a decent way to find out what QoPs are
>    supported by a given context.  It doesn't.  Help us fix this at the
>    60th IETF :)
>  - It would be nice to have a standard specification of the Kerberos V
>    mechanism's exported context token format.  We don't.  Now that we've
>    had the last revision we hope to ever have to the Kerberos mechanism
>    we can go ahead and think about this.
>    To begin with I'd want to specify it as an IETF document, and then
>    I'd want to use ASN.1 as the notation.
> Cheers,
> Nico
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