stopping login screen from poping up all times

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at MIT.EDU
Tue Jul 13 17:26:55 EDT 2004

shivakeshav santi wrote:

>  Is there a way to programatically stop the login screen from popping up every time. I tried setting up the environment variable 
>KERBEROSLOGIN_NEVER_PROMPT using putenv and SetEnvironmentVariable functions  in windows , but it doesnot seem to work.
>Is there any other way to turn this off.
This is the code from the function which displays the popup dialog for 
Kerberos 5

       if ( getenv("KERBEROSLOGIN_NEVER_PROMPT") ||
        !pkrb5_init_context ) {
       // do not display the dialog

and from the code which does the same thing for Kerberos 4

   // If we are requesting a tgt, prompt for it
       if (tf_status != KSUCCESS && !kinited &&
       strncmp(service, "krbtgt", ANAME_SZ) == 0 &&
       // display the dialog

and Kclient:

if ( pLeash_kinit_dlg_ex && getenv("KERBEROSLOGIN_NEVER_PROMPT") == NULL ) {
    // display the dialog

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