MIT Kerberos and TN5250

Erez Pasternak Erez.Pasternak at
Tue Jul 13 08:38:35 EDT 2004

Hi Sam,
Does anyone tried (and successed) to connect to Iseries in TN5250 with kerberos ?

Erez P

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>>>>> "Erez" == Erez Pasternak <Erez.Pasternak at> writes:

    Erez> Hi MIT developers, We are using MIT Kerberos to provide
    Erez> Kerberos support for Terminal Emulation.  When connecting
    Erez> with AS/400 (iseries) in TN5250 protocol we saw that AS/400
    Erez> uses a flag name "canonicalize" when asking for a TGT.  I
    Erez> see in the source code that this flag is missing (
    Erez> TKT_FLG_RESERVED 0x00010000 ) Is there any ways to make this
    Erez> work?

You failed to explain what is actually failing or not working.

What erronious behavior do you see?  Is some request failing?  If so,

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