Repackaging Kerberos for Windows 2.6.2

Angelo Torres angelo at
Thu Jul 8 19:58:30 EDT 2004


I am attempting to deploy Kerberos for Windows 2.6.2 to several labs of
Windows XP workstations (Just under 100 workstations total). I have tried
to repackage KFW into an .msi but have had unsatisfactory results. We
deployed this .msi to 28 machines and verified that they could log into
our Kerberos Realm, however, within a day, 8 machines were unable to
properly authenticate. By repairing the KFW .msi the issue was temporarily
fixed, but we were in the situation of requiring an administrator to
repair the KFW .msi on up to 10 computers at the start of each class. This
scenario continued for 3 days until we finally decided to scrap the
package and just install KFW manually (We had probably performed well over
150 repair-installations for those 28 machines by that time). I should
mention that performing a manual install using the same configuration
options we selected during repackaging produces a KFW installation that
works fine. After a week of observing the problem I suspect that the KFW
installation somehow depends on the settings of the machine it was
installed on and these settings are improperly carried over in the
repackaging process.
I wanted to ask if anyone is aware of a successful repackaging attempt of
KFW (2.6.2 or 2.6.3)? Are there any common pitfalls to attempting a
snapshot repackaging? What is the recommended method of deploying KFW? (I
would prefer a .msi/.mst solution, but a .zap or batch file would be an
improvement to a manual install of all our workstations)
Angelo Torres

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